Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek Album [SHM-CD] Review

Tony Bennett Lady Gaga Cheek To Cheek Album Review SHM-CD

Yet another Jazz music review, here I’m writing an exclusive review on Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Cheek To Cheek album. I bought the 2014 Jazz album imported from CDJapan for 4080 yen (about RM160+). It’s expensive but worth it to include in my album collection.

Tony Bennett’s Cheek to Cheek album won the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album 2015 and contains 19 Jazz songs that enough to get you swing for hours.

The imported Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek Album is a SHM-CD (Super High Material CD), which is much more expensive than an ordinary CD due to the different materials used. SHM-CD is said to play music more accurate in CD Player and produce better sound quality.

SHM-CD is a type of high quality CD format developed by Universal Music Japan and JVC and available only in Japan.

Let’s Swing along with Cheek To Cheek Album

This album suits best for audiophiles and Jazz lovers who love swing music from 70s and is a throwback from the past to modern day Jazz, performed by legendary Grammy award-winning singer Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, best known the Queen of Pop of the 21st Century.

I cranked up the volume and tested a few songs from the Cheek to Cheek album including ‘Anything Goes‘, ‘I Won’t Dance‘, ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love‘, ‘Goody Goody‘, ‘Firefly‘ in my car audio system and I noticed Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga vocals are much more cleaner and heavily focused during the chorus. I can feel the music details popped out from my sound system.

Instruments like the drum beats, pianos and trumpets played on each track tend to sound more natural, detailed, alive and stable on the mid and highs. Not sure if I’m hearing it right or any different compared to a normal CD, but I highly recommends Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek Album for Jazz music lovers.

Although the SHM-CD price seems a little expensive and you can still get the standard CD at lower price, I think it just worth for money to buy the Cheek to Cheek SHM-CD album for audiophile CD collection.

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