Dua Lipa: Deluxe Album Review

Dua Lipa Deluxe Album

Dua Lipa Deluxe Album released on Warner Music contains 17 dance songs in a CD and bundle with 4 MP3 tracks. The debut album also included top 10 single hits “Be The One” and Number #1 single “New Rules” that are popular over airplay.

Most of the songs on the album are Electro-Pop and Synth Pop which is quite nice to listen to as this is the modern sound of 2017. Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ won the Best Single in BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards.

Her ‘New Rules‘ music video have over 454,000,000 views, released since 7 Jul 2017 on Youtube. One of my favourite songs is ‘Hotter Than Hell‘, which features Dua Lipa powerful, husky, soulful voice, matching with catchy rhythmic Tropical House beats.

Dua Lipa Deluxe Album Tracklisting

Lost In Your Light (feat. Miguel) Editor’s Pick
Hotter Than Hell Editor’s Pick
Be The One Editor’s Pick
IDGAF Editor’s Pick
Blow Your Mind (Mwah) Editor’s Pick
No Goodbyes Editor’s Pick
Thinking ‘Bout You
New Rules Editor’s Pick
Homesick Editor’s Pick
Room For 2
New Love
Bad Together
Last Dance

New Rules

Be The One

Hotter Than Hell

Dua Lipa collaborated with the No.1 DJ of the Year 2017 Martin Garrix and performed for “Scared To Be Lonely”. The single currently taking over the music charts and playing massively on airwaves.

Dua Lipa (Deluxe) [Explicit] is available online via Amazon, iTunes and Warner Music online store. You can also listen to the full Deluxe Album on music streaming app via Spotify, TIDAL and Deezer.

Album rating: / 5

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