The Gorgeous Dua Lipa Zoetrope Vinyl Review: Radical Optimism

The Dua Lipa zoetrope vinyl from Blood Records featuring Dua Lipa’s latest album, “Radical Optimism,” immediately grabbed my attention. It is a stunning and coolest collectible I’ve ever seen. This first edition zoetrope vinyl is a zoetrope picture disc, limited to 5,000 copies and individually hand-numbered, and it sold out rapidly in 20 minutes.

Responding to the high demand, a second version was released with 5,000 copies drop, distinguished by a different design. I am fortunate to own copy #1541 out of 5,000. Blood Records in the UK specializes in crafting vinyl releases with distinctive artwork, creating a unique and collectible experience for music enthusiasts.

Apart from Dua Lipa’s latest album, you can also find Dua Lipa zoetrope vinyl editions of her first two albums on Blood Records’ official website, in celebration for her headline slot at Glastonbury 2024. The Future Nostalgia editions are limited to 10,000 copies each, and once they sell out, they become sought after on secondary markets, as was the case with my purchase from a marketplace seller rather than directly from the website. You can check out my guide on how to find vinyl records near you.

I purchased the first limited edition Dua Lipa zoetrope vinyl from a Carousell seller named @sonikkicks in Malaysia. It arrived carefully packaged with cardboard, inner plastic wrap for the vinyl, and an outer protective sleeve. I’m truly grateful for the attention to detail in shipping.

What Is An Animated Zoetrope Vinyl?

Dua Lipa Zoetrope Vinyl Review

As a novice vinyl collector, I was truly amazed by these picture disc animations, even though it is my first time owning one, despite their existence is not a new thing but for me it is. A zoetrope vinyl, also known as picture disc, typically refers to a type of special vinyl record that, when played, produces a visual animation using a zoetrope effect.

This effect is achieved by creating visual patterns or designs on the vinyl itself, which are then synchronized with the audio track. As the record spins on the turntable, these designs appear to move and animate due to the persistence of vision.

These records are often produced as novelty items or limited editions, combining the audio experience with a visual spectacle. They’re popular among collectors and enthusiasts of both vinyl records and visual arts. If you’re interested in seeing how they work, you might find videos online that demonstrate the zoetrope vinyl in action!

How To View Dua Lipa Zoetrope Vinyl

Dua Lipa Zoetrope
dua lipa zoetrope vinyl

As soon as you receive the animated visual picture disc and press Play on the turntable, you might be wondering why it isn’t working because you are not seeing the effect of zoetrope vinyl you saw on TikTok or YouTube.

Viewing a zoetrope vinyl involves playing it on a turntable with a good light source overhead. As the vinyl spins, observe the artwork closely to see the animation effect come to life due to the persistence of vision. It’s a blend of audio and visual bliss!

Next, adjust your phone or digital camera settings to 30fps for optimal viewing. If you still can’t see the animation, try adjusting the turntable speed to 33rpm for the best effect. As for Dua Lipa Zoetrope vinyl, 30 fps for video setting and 33 rpm on turntable will work.

Getting Hands On An Animated Zoetrope picture Disc

The Dua Lipa zoetrope vinyl record played flawlessly on my Rega Planar 1, with no sound degradation or needle jumping. The animation on side B is simply amazing! After reading this post, you’ll now understand what a zoetrope vinyl is and where to get one. I hope this brief guide answers the questions I once had. Happy spinning!

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