Olivia Ong ‘Best Of Olivia’ CD Album for Audiophile

Best Of Olivia Ong

Best of Olivia‘ is one of the hardest to find CD compilation by Singaporean singer Olivia Ong and currently out of stocks on every online music stores including YesAsia. I was searching all over YesAsia, HMV Hong Kong but still unable to find one. There is MP3 digital download available via on Amazon but who want MP3 format when it comes to good Jazz music for an audiophile collection.

Her Best of Olivia LP is expensive almost reached USD$100 or even more if not mistaken. Best of Olivia is a compilation album released in 2008 that featured popular song covers in Jazz including Sweet Memories, L-O-V-E, Fall in Love – Koini Ochite, Fly Me to the Moon and there are 16 tracks on the album that you can enjoy for the whole day.

Olivia Ong
Although I don’t have the CD yet, I still gives a review and the best tracks in the Best Of Olivia album. Below is tracklisting and editor’s pick.

Olivia Ong: Best of Tracklist

1. Sweet Memories Editor’s Pick
2. Sometimes When We Touch Editor’s Pick
3. Love Fool
4. Kiss of Life Editor’s Pick
5. For Your Babies
6. Fly Me to the Moon Editor’s Pick
7. True Colors
8. L-O-V-E Editor’s Pick
9. My Favorite Things
10. I’ll Move On
11. First of May
12. Driving
13. Feelin’ So Good
14. Fall in Love – Koini Ochite Editor’s Pick
15. Butterfly (with Mirai)
16. I’ll Get Back to You

Some others Olivia Ong’s cover songs album that I’m looking for are A Girl Meets Bossanova & A Girl Meets Bossanova 2. I’m kind of obsessed with her smooth, super clear and powerful voice that blends nicely with the guitar string and those Jazz instruments. When I listened to ‘Sometimes When We Touch‘ on high-quality in-ears headphone, I can felt that she is singing with her feelings and heart.

Guess what? I’ll continue searching for this album and update this post if I get one. (In case you know where to get it, feel free to drop me a message on my Facebook). You can also check out her Chinese songs which are quite nice too. Looking forward to more music from Olivia.

My rating: / 5

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