10 Best Audiophile Voices Selection of 2017

Alright, this will be the first post to reveal my 10 best audiophile vocalists and best Jazz songs playlist of 2017. Currently I have all the songs in my Jazz playlist, mostly female vocalists and have been listening to them daily without getting bored.

Quite relaxing music and best listen when you’re stressed out. Just play these songs in your car, mobile phone or anywhere you like and you’re off to the ‘free yourself‘ music journey.

Favorite Best Jazz Vocalists

Olivia Ong
Tsai Chin
Hikari Aoki
Chaka Khan
Jane Manheim
Michael Buble
Ida Sand
Karen Souza

The selection of favorite Jazz songs below are also great to test out audiophile crisp clear vocals and instruments on Hifi audio equipments, car audio or even a newly bought high-end headphones.

Top 10 Favorite Jazz Selection / Song Playlist of 2017

Sukie – Weeping Guitar (In Cantonese)
Chaka Khan – Crazy
Olivia Ong – Close To You
Tsai Chin – Forgotten Time (In Mandarin)
Hikari Aoki – The Shadow of Your Smile
Jane Manheim – Why Can’t You Behave
Kovacs – My Love
Michael Buble – Moondance
Ida Sand – Here Comes The Rain Again
Karen Souza – Creep

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