9 Must Watch Netflix Series & Movies – Malaysia April 2019 List

10 Must Watch Netflix Series & Movies - Malaysia April 2019 List

April Fool day is over and this is not a joke, Netflix just updated some nice TV series & movies. I can say there are quite a few ‘must watch‘ interesting series & movies. With my top Netflix series & movies for April 2019, this list can fill up the prime time or even free time of any Malaysian Netflixer out there.

With new TV series and movies released, below are the Netflix lists I have compiled, probably great to enjoy after returning from hectic work, during weekends or even chill and relax till the end of April or until more new series are released in May 2019.

Best Netflix Series & Movies April 2019

1. Black Mirror Bandersnatch (Netflix Interactive Film)

Black Mirror Bandersnatch is on our top list of Netflix film for April 2019. If you are a gamer or console game owner, you will probably be going to love the Netflix interactive film, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The film will give the viewer a whole new experience where the viewer will be given two options to choose from the TV remote control in certain scenes.

You will be able to choose your own path and each path has its own consequences and a different ending which is similar to choice-driven console games such as Until Dawn, Life Is Strange, Beyond: Two Souls and so on.

Black Mirror Bandersnatch is about a teenage programmer who adapts the novel into a video game. That’s right, now you can watch and make a decision to see multiple endings.

2. Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead Netflix
Any Evil Dead fans will like this if they have watched the classic Evil Dead & Army Of Darkness movie. Ash has returned to the TV series with a few companions to defeat the evil. The violent scenes involving humour makes watching a lot more entertaining. This 3 season series is rated 16+ for violence and gore. Watch at your own risk.

3. Ultraman

This is one of the Ultraman anime on Netflix which is available for April 2019. This is good anime to watch for Ultraman fans. Although it is a human-size Ultraman (I would say pretty similar to Iron Man) and not following the original series, this might bring out a whole new Ultraman experience for fans and new fans out there.

4. Innocence – Bangkok Love Stories

A new Bangkok Love Stories for April is out. This is the first time I’ve completed the series and I think the storyline is good. This Innocence series contained same-sex relationships which were hard to watch for me during some scenes which I normally skipped.

The rest of the actors & actresses were bound to their characters and able to bring out the fun of it. There are quite a few funny scenes, especially for JC & Claudia. If you would like to explore watching Netflix Thai series, this is one I would recommend.

5. The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Part 2

Teenage witch Sabrina is back in the second season with more chilling adventures. The first part was quite addictive I would watch a few episodes in one night. There is crazier stuff coming up in Part 2. I’m sure you’ll want to see more about The Baphomet in the first part, and I would say this new 2019 episode won’t disappoint. Satanic Goatman will be frequently making an appearance in the first few episodes. Well, let’s not spoil the mood, I’ll let you watch and judge it yourself.

6. Love, Death + Robots

Probably The Season 1 Love, Death + Robots is one of my favourite short story series on Netflix, which was rated. There are 18 episodes which a mix of cutting-edge animation that brings out the uniqueness of each episode. Every action has its consequences and it was rated 18+ for NSFW & violence, something you will not often see I would say.

7. Unicorn Store

Directed by Brie Larson herself, she took the main role of Kit, a painter who tries to make her childhood dream come true. She mysteriously gets an invitation to a Unicorn Store where the salesman (Samuel L. Jackson), try to sell her a real unicorn.

8. Spiderman: Homecoming

Spiderman Homecoming is available on Netflix finally. This is one best Marvel superhero movies to enjoy over the weekend. I was having a great time watching it due to its fast-paced action where Spiderman meet with his new villain, Vulture.

9. Pet Sematary 1 & 2

If you have come across the conversation between Spiderman & Ironman in The Avengers Infinity Wars talking about Pet Sematary, this is the one they’ve been talking about. I would say this Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is entertaining while giving me the chill. The story goes by where a family moved into a new home where there are many animals got run down by trucks and were buried at the Pet Sematary. Any dead animals buried at the MicMac cemetery ground will be resurrected alive but become zombie-like. All hell breaks loose when the father buried his own child.

This is the second movie of Pet Sematary which is pretty different from the first movie. This time the story is about Jeff who lost her actress mother in a freak accident at a movie shooting scene. The story turns ugly the dog Zowie was shot dead and returned from the dead. Alright, no more spoilers, I will let you watch the rest of the movie.

There are a few more good series to watch including some post-apocalyptic and horror TV series – Kingdom, Osmosis, Quicksand, Possessed, The OA. So here is the list of Netflix series & movies to watch in April 2019. Are they your Netflix favourite too?

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