Urban Chic – Street Fashion Film Recipe for Fuji X-T4

Street Fashion Film Recipe For Fujifilm X-Trans IV

After creating some Fujifilm simulation recipes, here I have a new X-T4 custom recipe called Urban Chic. This custom film recipe is suitable for street fashion photography in the city and urban areas. Also great for casual photoshoots, travel, & fashion portraits that showcase vintage color tones.

I know that professional street fashion photographers frequently do post-processing for their fashion works, but this film recipe is meant for photographers and hobbyists who want to get quick results for their works by shooting SOOC JPEG and sharing their work on social media. If you like to shoot behind the scenes, this recipe is also suitable for outdoor and indoor shoots!

What is Urban Chic Fashion Film Recipe All About?

Urban Chic fashion film recipe uses the Classic Negative as base film simulation, which is created for the latest Fujifilm X-Series cameras such as the Fujifilm X-T4, X-S10, and X-E4. Be it a hobbyist, or a portrait photographer who shoots fashion on the streets can use this custom setting to achieve the urban fashion color tone.

Different results can be achieved with creativity by adjusting the camera settings such as the apertures, shutter speeds, and ISO.

While using the Classic Negative simulation, the white balance shifts are slightly adjusted to red which is quite different from the Retro Allure portrait film recipe. This street fashion film recipe has slightly increased color, and reduced noise reduction for sharper still images which is suitable for street fashion and portrait shoots.

Urban Chic film recipe creates a pink and reddish vintage color tone which is suitable for street fashion portraits for females. Check out the Classy Glow recipe if you are looking for a glowing dreamy fashion portrait effect. Do check out some of my natural lighting portrait shots in the city below.

Urban Chic Custom Settings

Film Simulation: Classic Negative
Dynamic Range: DR200
Highlight: 0
Shadow: 0
Color: +1
Noise Reduction: -4
Sharpening: 0
Clarity: 0
Grain Effect: Small, Weak
Color Chrome Effect: Off
Color Chrome Effect Blue: Off
White Balance: Auto, +2 Red & +2 Blue
ISO: Auto, up to ISO 6400

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Urban Chic Sample Images

Urban Chic Street Fashion Custom Film Recipe for Fujifilm
IG – @frostyaws

Urban Chic Street Fashion Film Recipe
Urban Chic Film Recipe X-T4 Portrait Close-up

Urban Chic Film Recipe - Muslimah Fashion KL
IG – @anis_kahar

Urban Chic Fashion Film Recipe Fuji X-T4

Find out more about one of my latest street fashion recipes for use in the cityscape.

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