6 Best Fujifilm X-T4 Features That I Love

Fujifilm Recipes - Fujifilm X-T4 Best Camera Features

I think Fujifilm X-T4 is one of the best Fujifilm X-Series mirrorless cameras I’ve owned so far when it comes to features and functionality. It is not too late to get the Fujifilm X-T4 in 2021.

I find the features on the X-T4 really beneficial for my portraiture photography. In this post, I’m going to reveal the 6 best features that I love on the Fujifilm X-T4.

Recently Fujifilm announced that the X-Trans IV sensor will be the last to be featured in the X Series camera and there won’t be any new camera released anytime soon. I felt that I can use the X-T4 for a long time before changing to a new one because of the great features of the X-T4 camera.

Here is the video review on the X-T4 by Tech Through The Lens on Youtube, do check it out and hear what they have to say.

Perfect Camera for Street and Portraits Shoots?

From my experience, although the Fujifilm X-T4 camera weighs a little heavier and bigger, the camera is definitely a heavy photoshoot workhorse machine and can handle all huge workloads really well in my opinion.

With the X-T4, I can get the vertical battery grip which gives more battery capacity and shoot for the whole day long. For the night photoshoot, I can use lower ISO for less noise sharper images or slower shutter speed for more light, thanks to the new IBIS features I will get less blurry still images due to handshakes.

I can choose and use the new Classic Negative film simulation, shoot straight out from the camera and get the film color that I like without applying any film simulation using Capture One. With film simulations and the new Classic Negative, I can create my favorite portrait film recipes using custom settings or my own film recipes with the Fujifilm X Raw Studio, or convert in-camera.

So there will be less editing need and makes my work a lot easier!

Is The Fujifilm X-T4 Good For Travel?

With the weight slightly heavier and bigger for small hand size, it is better to match and use a lightweight lens such as the XF18mm, XF23mm, XF35mm F2 if you are going to use the X-T4 for travel. The original Fujifilm neck strap that came in the box is durable and there is no need to get an aftermarket neck strap already.

Here are some total weight measurement tests and experiments matching the Fujifilm X-T4 (526g) with some Fujinon lenses.

X-T4 with XF18mm F2 – 642g
X-T4 with XF23mm F2 – 706g
X-T4 with XF35mm F2 – 696g
X-T4 with XF18-55mm F2.8 – 836g
X-T4 with XF16-55mm F2.8 – 1181g

When traveling, we walk around with a camera and it’s all about shooting beautiful sceneries, sightseeing, visiting popular attractions, street portraits, or even everyday life on the street.

We want to enjoy, have fun, and chill during the holiday or road trip. Therefore, it is much better to match a lightweight lens with the X-T4 when we are traveling and also try to use fewer camera accessories as much as possible. Always keep some extra batteries in your camera bag.

Why Fujifilm X-T4?

I’ve previously owned the X-T30 but then later found out that I have reached a certain level where I need more capacity for my outdoor photoshoot work. My previous X-T30 is heavily used for portrait photoshoots and I have to change the battery quite often and one memory card slot is definitely not enough.

So I decided to upgrade to the X-T4 that comes with more capacity and features and it does make my photoshoot session a lot better and more fun to shoot with. The X-T4 comes with dual memory card slots and the new battery life can last for a long time which was quite impressive and noticed it during my recent street photography.

The X-T4 has a quieter shutter than the other X-Series cameras, this helps me a lot when taking photos in quiet places such as at live events, public places, wildlife photography, and so on.

1. Longer Battery Life

I have to admit the X-T4’s NP-W235 has a longer battery life than NP-W126 where I have to keep changing the battery. On the X-T4, I don’t have to change the battery even after few hours of creating my street film recipe at the outdoor night street photography lately.

Of course, I still bring out my power bank in case I need to shoot for a longer time.

2. Flip Screen For Self Portrait

With the new articulate flip screen which is the best Fujifilm X-T4 features, I am able to position myself for a self-portrait photo shoot. I find the LCD flip screen is quite useful when shooting alone in front of the camera.

The camera and LCD screen can be adjusted in either landscape or portrait position. While shooting a self-portrait or working alone in front of the camera, I can easily use the screen and adjust the camera angle the way I like.

I don’t do Vlogs but taking a self-portrait using the flip screen to the front in my mini photography studio really useful when you’re working alone.

Sometimes I’m having a hard time doing low-angle horizontal landscape shots with the Fujifilm X-T4 camera. I always have to flip the screen out to the side to get a better view (if you get what I mean) but for doing vertical shoots, yes the flip screen comes in handy and works like it is.

3. Store White Balance For Each Film Simulation Custom Settings

Unlike other cameras such as the X-T30 or any older X-Series models, the white balance is shared across all the film simulation custom settings. On the X-T4, now I am able to store different white balance settings for each film recipe I’ve created.

Kudos to Fujifilm as this is one of the biggest enhancement and best Fujifilm features that many users have been asking for! I don’t have to worry now and have fun creating more X-T4 custom film recipes without messing up the white balance for each film simulation recipe that I’ve created anymore.

If you are hyped about creating unique color tones or storing custom film simulation recipes, this camera is for you.

4. Weather Resistance

Previously I was worried about my non-weather sealed X-T30 camera in contact with rain or wet conditions. With the X-T4 and XF35mm lens, I felt confident and safer using it during rainy days while still protecting the camera from the rain with my clothes because I don’t have to worry about them getting a little wet.

Getting the camera completely wet is a no as I have to consider the build materials on the camera such as the rubbers, plastic, etc. Going through the hot and cold conditions might degrade its quality from time to time. That’s just my own opinion.

5. Classic Negative & Eterna Bleach Bypass Film Simulation

Retro Allure Fujifilm X-T4 Portrait Film Recipe
IG – @azzura_daud

If you are a videographer, Eterna Bleach Bypass is great for videography and creating cinematic videos with 4K/60P. The Classic Negative is suitable for photographers who want quick SOOC results with a nice vintage color tone for portraits, streets, and landscapes.

I love the two new film simulations on the Fujifilm X-T4 and I have been experimenting with them to create more X-T4 custom film recipes.

6. Making The X-T4 Looks Nicer

Before I get my new camera, the first thing in my mind is the camera accessories for X-T4. I love to get my camera to look nice, unique, and a little ‘pimped up‘ especially the shutter release button, hot shoe cover, and neck strap.


All I can say, the Fujifilm X-T4 is an all-in-one higher-end X-Series camera that I need whether it’s for travel, portrait works, street photography, or shoot for fun. It is still worth it to get the Fujifilm X-T4 in 2021 because I find this camera has some of the features that I’m looking for especially the film simulation white balance settings and quiet shutter.

What do you think of this short review? Did you find any of the Fujifilm X-T4 features above meet your photography requirements and plan to invest in an X-T4 in the future? Basically, if you are still new to photography, it is best to learn the 7 best basic outdoor portrait shooting guides for Fujifilm users which is a great guide for beginners.

There are many good Fujifilm cameras out there but if you are looking for smaller latest Fujifilm X-Series cameras, you can consider the XS-10. Also known as the ‘mini X-T4’, the XS-10 comes with a larger grip, IBIS, flip-out LCD screen, and lightweight than the X-T4.

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  1. Avatar of Richard

    Hi Ivan.. may I know which recipe you use for Azzura Daud photo above? I believe that one is based on Classic Negative, but which recipe? So sorry I am new with fuji.

    1. Avatar of Ivan Cheam
      Ivan Cheam

      Hi Richard, yes it is based on Classic Negative film simulation but the photo is actually edited in Capture One, and no custom film recipes are applied to it. 🙂

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