Botanical Bliss: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in KL with Edwin

I had the pleasure of conducting an absolutely mind-blowing pre-wedding photoshoot with Edwin, hailing from the lovely city of Singapore. And where did we decide to shoot this masterpiece, you ask? At none other than the magnificent Perdana Botanical Garden located in Kuala Lumpur, of course! As a travel photographer, I personally relish the opportunity to take photos in nature, as it allows me to enjoy some relaxation and inner calmness.

And the outcomes you ask? Well, I have to admit, I am quite pleased with what I managed to achieve. My aim was to make the photos appear as dreamlike as possible. After all, it was Edwin’s pre-wedding shoot, and we all know how important capturing those perfect shots can be.

The shoot lasted a full 3 hours, which gave me ample time to capture every single moment of joy, love, and excitement for Edwin and his lovely wife-to-be. As is my usual style, I alternated between my Fujifilm X-T4 and my beloved Contax G1 film camera. Given that it was a rather overcast day after a heavy downpour, I managed to get some stunning still footage by using a diffusion lens filter, overexposing the shots, and using the Downtown Bloom & Ethereal Street recipe (which works great in an urban city, IMHO) but due to nature greenery, I’ve decided to convert it to Fujicolor Pro 400H recipe instead.

Best Film Recipe For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Fujifilm X-T4

Fujicolor Pro 400H Film Recipe - Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Kuala Lumpur Portrait
Fujifilm X-T4, Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR - Botanical Garden KL

I absolutely love the stunning result of the pre-wedding outdoor shoot, particularly how the color scheme blends together effortlessly to create a truly ethereal and dreamy atmosphere. From the gentle play of light and shadows to the soft textures and greenery environment, every element perfectly complements the happy couple, adding a lovely and enchanting touch to their pre-wedding celebration.

Edwin had a picnic before his pre-wedding photo shoot. He wanted to take some pictures for the picnic theme he had planned. It was a little tricky with the lighting conditions as it was gloomy, but I was really grateful when the sunlight came out after the rain.

During the photo shoot, which lasted for three hours, I made sure to capture as many shots as possible. I also drew inspiration from the ideas I had saved on my Pinterest board and incorporated them into the session. Prior to the shoot, I made sure to do my homework and prepare a list of posing ideas for couples so that I would have them at my fingertips during the shoot. I found out that the Fujicolor Pro 400H is the best film recipe for wedding photoshoot.

This meticulous planning ensured that the photo session was a success, allowing me to capture unique and memorable shots that truly showcased the subjects in the best light. By always being prepared and thinking ahead, I was able to achieve stunning results and provide my clients with photos that will be cherished for years to come.

Shooting Pre-Wedding with Film Camera

Kodak Gold 200 Engagement Photo
Contax G1, Carl Zeiss Planar T* 45mm F2 - Botanical Garden KL

My recent experience with a pre-wedding photoshoot using a Contax G1 and Kodak Gold 200 film is truly enchanting. Film photography is an art form that requires precision, skill, and patience – qualities that you definitely possess. The Kodak Gold 200 is also one of my first film roll ever used since I started with film photography projects.

The Kodak Gold 200 has long been a favorite among photographers for its unique look and versatility in different lighting situations. And the Contax G1 is a remarkable camera that is loved among the film photography community for its exceptional portrait and commercial capabilities. I find the film camera is really suitable for this type of shoot, especially for creative portraits that every film photographer is trying to achieve, which is the dreamy cinematic scenes in Wong Kar Wai’s Hong Kong movies.

As usual, I’m unable to finish the roll and left it for the color double exposure project. I chose to use Kodak Gold 200 – a film that I have long admired for its ability to capture the warmth and vibrancy of sunny outdoor scenes. Despite its versatility, I find that this film lends itself especially well to outdoor shoots and produces a beautiful, warm film tone characteristic that truly enhances the visual effect of my work.

Final Thoughts

As a skilled and experienced personal travel photographer in Kuala Lumpur, I truly believe that being able to master different shooting styles is an essential quality that allows me to capture the essence and beauty of every moment in a unique and captivating manner. Through the use of different techniques and creative approaches, I am confident in my ability to create stunning and memorable images that will not only exceed your expectations but also leave you in awe.

I have developed a deep passion for photography and a keen eye for detail, which allows me to adapt to every shooting environment and situation and it’s all about trial and error. It is best to be a versatile photographer that able to do casual shoots, pre-wedding photoshoots, fashion shoots, or cinematic styles, and explore my creativity to ensure that the moments are captured flawlessly and professionally.


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