Street Photography With The SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2

Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting one of the initial tests of the groundbreaking SIRUI Sniper lens, marking its debut in Malaysia. As a new user and enthusiast of SIRUI lenses, it is my esteemed honor to share my expert opinions on the capabilities of this exceptional lens.

In this post, I aim to showcase some of the sample photos captured during my extensive street photography in Kuala Lumpur and portrait shooting trials with the SIRUI Sniper lens. Having owned and extensively used this lens, I can unequivocally state that it not only met but exceeded my expectations, leaving an indelible impression on me.

A standout feature of this remarkable lens is its lightweight and compact design, making it an ideal companion for travelers and photographers seeking to effortlessly capture stunning street scenes. Whether navigating urban landscapes, embarking on daily adventures, or immortalizing memorable moments on the streets, the SIRUI Sniper lens proves to be a versatile and advantageous tool. The lens’s lightweight build ensures that the burden of weight and bulk is alleviated, adding to its myriad of advantages.

SIRUI Sniper 23mm For Street Photography, Anyone?

Street Photography Kuala Lumpur
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2

The SIRUI Sniper 23mm lens on various occasions might be a tad too wide for creative street photography, but it remains nevertheless a highly proficient tool capable of capturing decisive moments, particularly when one closes the distance between oneself and the subject.

I have recently realized that there is a remarkable connection between the SIRUI Sniper autofocus lens and the SIRUI Nightwalker lens, one of the manual focus SIRUI cine lenses that is specifically designed for videography and filmmaking. Fascinated by this connection, I felt compelled to conduct a little experiment of my own and ventured into the bustling streets to capture some cinematic street photos using the SIRUI Sniper autofocus lens.

As a photographer, I have been experimenting with different techniques and environments to enhance the aesthetic appeal of my photographs. Recently, I have been focusing on shooting short B-rolls and finding the perfect lighting for night photography when shooting cinematic neon photography with the SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1,2. To immerse myself in a unique atmosphere, I have been exploring the city and looking for spots that resemble the settings of iconic Hong Kong movie scenes.

By incorporating my new Neon Obscura recipe & Cira 800 with my new SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2, my photos turn out to be cinematic and impressive, compared to the previous projects shot with the Fujinon XF35mm f2. I am truly amazed by the results that this new approach has brought to my work. It’s incredible how experimenting can lead to new possibilities and inspire us to keep exploring and pushing our artistic boundaries.

Testing With FX Filters

Recently, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and invest in some FX lens filters. These filters have been gaining popularity in the world of photography and music video production, and I was eager to test them out for myself.

There are many different types of FX lens filters available, each with their own unique effects. Some are designed to create blurriness and give images a sense of movement, while others are perfect for creating kaleidoscope or starlight effects, which are commonly used in music videos and creative projects.

Since these filters were new to me, I was excited to experiment with them and see what kind of creative possibilities they would unlock. And I have to say, I was not disappointed! The filters helped me to explore new techniques and perspectives that I otherwise may not have considered, and I am looking forward to continuing to use them in my future shoots.


In today’s world, there is a lot of emphasis on having sharp images and using sharp lenses to capture every detail. However, when it comes to being creative, it is important to remember that sometimes the most impactful images are not the sharpest ones.

Creativity is about pushing boundaries and taking risks, and sometimes this means stepping away from the norm. It requires an open mind and a willingness to experiment with new techniques and ideas. While sharpness can certainly enhance an image’s impact, it is not the be-all and end-all of photography.

Taking risks and deviating from the norm can lead to truly unique and breathtaking results. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and let your creativity shine through in your photography.

The SIRUI Sniper 23mm is an exceptional fast lens for capturing creative and stunning shots, whether you’re shooting videos or photos. With its unique focal length, this lens provides a softer look to your images, which can add a dreamy and ethereal quality to your shots. Some of the photos are cropped in Photoshop due to the wide angle but the images quality is still looks good.

Despite the slight softness that was previously mentioned in the SIRUI Sniper lens review, you’ll find yourself less worried about getting every little detail sharp when using this lens, as it provides an artistic and surreal effect to your work. This feature makes it an excellent choice for photographers and videographers looking to push the boundaries of creativity and add a touch of magic to their projects.

Get the SIRUI Sniper Series lenses on Amazon now! So, if you’re looking to capture unique and expressive shots that stand out from the crowd, the SIRUI Sniper 23mm is the lens to choose.

Sample Photos

SIRUI Sniper Cinematic Photography
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 // Cira 800 recipe
SIRUI Lens Cinematic Photography
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 // Cira 800 recipe
SIRUI Sniper Cinematic
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 // Cira 800 recipe
Cosplay Malaysia Street Photos
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 // Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 recipe
SIRUI Sniper Malaysia Street Photography
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 // Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 recipe
Street Photography Malaysia SIRUI
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 // Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 recipe
Street Photography SIRUI Lens
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 // Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 recipe
Cinematic Street Photography Malaysia SIRUI lens
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2
SIRUI Sniper Cinematic Street Photography
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2
SIRUI Sniper Street Photography
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 // Neon Obscura recipe
SIRUI Sniper Street Photography Kuala Lumpur
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2
SIRUI Sniper Street Sample
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2
Street Photography SIRUI Lens
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2
Street Photography KL Ivan Cheam
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2
Street Photography Moments Malaysia - Ivan Cheam
SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2
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