Kodak ProImage 100 Film, Best For Streets & Travel

This is the Kodak ProImage 100 35mm film that was stored in the fridge for a few months before I decided to give it a try since I don’t have any portrait shoots at the moment. The last street portrait with the Kodak Vision3 250D film was the shoot with tourists from Australia and Indonesia.

Shooting with film can be fun when you really enjoy every shot from your film camera. No matter whether you’re travelling, shooting landscapes, cityscapes or portraits. Hearing the sound of the film shutter button being triggered for each shot gives a sense of pleasure to film photographers and you will want to shoot even more. Are you having the same vibes too?

Other than shooting vacation photos for tourists as part of my job, I really like doing some sightseeing around the city during my free time. For my 20th film roll, I used the Kodak ProImage 100 to walk around some popular tourist attractions including the Chetawan Thai Buddhist Temple and Bukit Bintang. I was strolling in the city for some nice shots and I did have a few that I like, I might feature them in my film photography review section as sample photos and for the photographer’s inspiration.

Film Speed ISO Camera Settings

Kodak ProImage 100 - Bintang Walk 3
Contax G1, Kodak ProImage 100 @ 100 ISO // Bukit Bintang 2022

I always forget to set and match my film speed ISO manually whenever I have finished the shoot. So I decided to let the camera autodetect the DX code and set it automatically for me. Since I’m shooting with the Contax G1, I don’t have to worry about using the wrong ISO anymore.

For Kodak ProImage 100 35mm film, the film camera detected the DX code at 100 ISO so it was correct. I can shoot right away without worrying too much. It was partially cloudy in the evening but 100 ISO and f4-f8 aperture is all good to get the tack-sharp film image from the Carl Zeiss Planar T* 45mm lens.

Strolling & Shooting KL Streets with Kodak ProImage 100

Kodak ProImage 100 - Bintang Walk 4
Contax G1, Kodak ProImage 100 @ 100 ISO // Bukit Bintang 2022

I don’t have any ideas when I hit the streets, I would just go with the flow and take pictures that I think are nice. Whenever I don’t have scenes or ideas for street photography, then I will try sightseeing, travel-style kind of photos or looking for something interesting. For me shooting 35mm camera films let me explore more of its unique film tone and characteristic of the film itself.

Kodak ProImage 100 - Wat Chetawan
Contax G1, Kodak ProImage 100 @ 100 ISO // Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya 2022

I was unable to finish most of the roll in Bukit Bintang because I was always out of ideas, so I decided to save those remaining exposures for another place. The next day, I visited a temple for some daily life and sightseeing shots. I really enjoyed walking around in the temple because it was calm and peaceful. This is a good place to have peace of mind, in the meantime taking some photos without disturbing the people around, but I tried not to do this too often and to respect the people who are praying.

I very much enjoyed doing streets and strolling around the city on the weekends. I love to explore, shoot and take short breaks, and rehydrate myself by drinking mango juice or chilling at a cafe while looking around for some daily life scenes on the street. While shooting in around Bukit Bintang, I didn’t come across any confrontations from the public yet compared to shooting in the Chinatown area where there was a guy actually yelling loudly in the air and I just walked away. LOL. There are so many dramatic moments you will surely encounter when shooting in Chinatown.


Hearing the sound of the film shutter button being triggered for each shot gives a sense of pleasure to film photographers – Ivanyolo

I haven’t tried shooting portraits with the Kodak ProImage 100 as I see it does give a good skin tone. I might as well get another roll of this for a portrait session. That’s right if you happen to visit KL city and would like to check out some 35mm films, do read up on my 35mm film buying guide in Malaysia for more details.

What’s on my mind now? Well, something does come up about travelling with films and going through the airport scanner. This has become a really hot topic for film photographers who are travelling. One day I might have the chance to travel and I’ll write about the experience of going through the airport for sure. So stay tuned! I’ll drop some of the sample shots in the film photo gallery of Kodak ProImage 100 below and hope you enjoy reading this and have fun shooting with the film!

Photo Gallery

Kodak ProImage 100 - Bintang Walk 5
Contax G1, Kodak ProImage 100 @ 100 ISO // Bukit Bintang 2022
Kodak ProImage 100 - Bukit Bintang
Contax G1, Kodak ProImage 100 @ 100 ISO // Bukit Bintang 2022
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