Hi there! I totally understand that the art of creating the best double exposure photos on film can be quite daunting and challenging, especially for beginners. Despite not being an expert in this field, as a street photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, I have plenty of experience experimenting with multiple exposures and I would be more than happy to share some of my insight with you.

To start, I have curated a beautiful collection of best double exposure street photography photos that I took during my photo walks in the city. These are some of my favorite photos, and I’m very excited to share them with you. Additionally, I have been using YouTube as a resource to learn more about double exposure street photography techniques and how to incorporate them into my photography.

With practice and patience, I have been able to hone my skills and experiment with these techniques on different types of black and white film stocks. Specifically, I’ve been using Ilford Delta 100 and Fomapan 400 as key players in my artistic endeavors. Let me know if you have any questions or need any further guidance!

Creating double exposures is a unique and interesting genre in photography; blending two or more images together to create a single merged photo that conveys a beautiful story. Though not fully able to achieve some of the photos that I wanted, I am continuously challenging myself to experiment and play with different techniques to create my own unique style of double exposures.

I take inspiration from diverse sources, capturing captivating subjects and identifying creative ways to merge them together into a seamless work of art. With dedication, perseverance, and a passion for photography, I look forward to exploring and mastering the art of double exposure to produce visually stunning creations.

It's All About Highlights & Shadows

There are a lot of interesting techniques and approaches that can be used in order to create best double exposure photos that are truly stunning and captivating. At the same time, however, there can be some challenges and obstacles that you need to be aware of if you want to get the best results possible.

So far, what I have learned is that when you combine highlights and shadows in order to create a double exposure photo, you need to be mindful of what types of details will be lost in the process. Typically, the highlights will not have as many details as the shadows, which means that you need to focus on highlighting the shadows in order to create truly unique and creative double exposure street photography.

Ultimately, the goal that you are working towards will dictate the specific approach that you take, but by keeping these key principles in mind, you can create some truly incredible images. Well, I’m not saying my photos are the best but I tried and learned from experience. I’m not claiming to be an expert but stay tuned and read this post until the end to find out how to use the double exposure techniques.

A Healing Session With Mindfulness & Focus

As someone who enjoys film photography, I have found that shooting double exposure and taking strolls around the bustling city can be an incredibly effective healing session for me. The process of slowly capturing the perfect shot requires a certain amount of mindfulness and focus, which allows my mind to calm down and release any stress or anxiety I may be feeling.

As I walk, I can take in the sights and sounds of the city around me, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the moment and forget about anything else that may be weighing me down.

The act of shooting double exposure also adds an element of creativity and artistic expression to the experience, further enhancing its therapeutic benefits. Overall, I highly recommend this activity for anyone looking to find peace and tranquility in the midst of a busy and chaotic world.

I find out that by doing it once a month or two as you are recovering, and accumulate the ‘energy‘ and mood, you will come back with at least a few great images. If one engages in creative pursuits too frequently, one may run out of ideas for street photography projects and suffer from a lack of inspiration. So, take the necessary time to recharge your creative batteries, and you will undoubtedly reap the benefits in the long run.

There’s a saying, ‘practice makes perfect‘, yes that’s correct but it depends on the situation and works well when you are learning street photography composition or portrait photography.

My Favorites & Best Street Photography Double Exposure Photos on Film

Some of these favorite double exposure photos are taken on my Contax G1 film camera and I really love how the results were. These are shot in black & white such as the Fomapan 400, Kodak Vision3 500T and Ilford Delta 100 film stock. If you’re into black and white photography, I highly recommend experimenting with different film stocks to achieve unique and creative results. Don’t hesitate to try it out, and you might surprise yourself with what you can create.

Best Double Exposure Photos 2023
Contax G1 // Ilford Delta 100

This is one of my favorite street photography double exposure shots using Ilford Delta 100 film shot in Kuala Lumpur. There are subjects blended with a wall mural in the background. This is worth to be listed as my top 10 list of best double exposure photos.

Best Double Exposure Photos on Film
Contax G1 // Ilford Delta 100

A very simple shot of an alleyway with a few subjects. Might not be the best as this is an experimental photo. Shot on Ilford Delta 100.

Contax G1 Double Exposure
Contax G1 // Fomapan 400

I really like the textures here as it is impossible to recreate this image as the porcelain statue is not there anymore. Shot with my first roll of Fomapan 400 film in Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur.

Contax G1 Street Photography
Contax G1 // Fomapan 400

This was shot against a glass and then combined with a few subjects in another scene. Shot on Fomapan 400 film.

Contax G1 Double Exposure Photos
Contax G1 // Fomapan 400

This is my favorite photo and the best double exposure photos I’ve taken. Shot on Fomapan 400. I was wandering around Chinatown and found this interesting background on the wall. Do you like this photo? Let me know in the comment below.

Double Exposure Film Photography
Contax G1 // Fomapan 400

Not my best but it’s experimental. It looks flat as there is not much of a highlight here.

Double Exposure Photography Art
Contax G1 // Ilford Delta 100

Shot with Contax G1 using Ilford Delta 100. This film stock is really good for double exposure for high contrast black & white which let you experiment on double shots.

Double Exposure Photos 2023
Contax G1 // Ilford Delta 100

Yet another favorite photo shot with Contax G1 using Ilford Delta 100.

Contax G1 Kodak Vision3 500T Double Exposure Photos
Contax G1 // Kodak Vision3 500T

I always failed to find the best highlight and shadow when shooting color negative film but this turned out to be one of my favorite shots. I was trying to finish up my Kodak Vision3 500T film roll.

Double Exposure Street Photography
Contax G1 // Ilford Delta 100

Last but not least, I blended a background onto subjects. One of my favorites was shot on Ilford Delta 100 film.

Final Thoughts

Shooting double exposures can be a challenging task, especially if you’re a beginner like me. There’s still so much more to learn in terms of technique and creativity. That being said, with enough practice and experimentation, anyone can master the art of creating stunning double exposures. I hope you can find some inspiration for creating photos with these double exposure photography ideas.

If you’re a fan of the images I’ve shared and would like to display them in your home or office, you can easily download high-quality digital prints and use them as wall art decoration. These digital prints shot on film camera, can be a great way to add a touch of artistry and personality to any space.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your living room, bedroom, or workspace, there’s a wide variety of prints available to suit your style and preference. So, why not explore the many options available online and start creating a truly unique and beautiful space today?

Street Photography Double Exposure Beginner Tips

Double exposure photography is an incredibly breathtaking art form that enables photographers to create two contrasting images in a single frame. If you’re planning to delve into this technique, there are a few tips that you might want to consider before setting up your film camera.

Fujifilm X-T4 Double Exposure
Fujifilm X-T4 Double Exposure

If you are shooting digital, make sure to shoot one-stop underexpose for each of your frames and these need some experimentation and a suitable environment and backgrounds to work. Experimenting with street photography with double exposures on digital cameras is much easier than shooting film as you have unlimited shots! Before that, you also need to master the basic photography techniques to get started. It is much easier to find objects and backgrounds to blend them together based on your creativity.

Firstly, make sure that your camera is equipped with a double exposure feature, which will enable you to shoot your images in a more seamless, streamlined manner. When taking your first shot, look for a background with shadows, and try to capture a scene that is away from direct sunlight. This will ensure that the shadows will form a perfect backdrop for your second shot.

For your second shot, aim to find a simple subject that won’t detract from the first frame, which should still be in your mind as you compose and capture your second shot. By following these tips and being patient, you can capture the best double exposure photos for street photography and create unique and inspiring pieces of art.