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Last week I went for a photoshoot session with my friend Tommy and Ernest Tan in Setapak. Ernest is a professional fashion photographer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He took quite a lot of great shots of magazine models, weddings, events etc and his shooting skills, one word to describe, was AMAZING!

From laying on the floor to standing in every corner, he just wants to take the best shots for us. I can see his passion, great efforts and hard work to get it done until we satisfied with the results. I met Ernest at EDMDroid event at Providence, introduced by Tommy.

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The last I went for a photo shoot was almost a few years back for my DJ profile. Well, I was too skinny that time and quite hard to get a good shot but right now after following workout schedule and having a fitter body, why not? I have never had high resolution or profile photo so far and I think I need one for this blog as well. LOL. ? Once in a blue moon, we go for this is good because, YOLO, you won’t know what will happen tomorrow or in another 10 to 20 years to come, this can be used to recall moments and keep it for memories, with hi-res photos. Right?

It took about 30 minutes to set up his lighting and other equipment. The session lasts for about 3 hours and took place outside his condominium’s corridor. As Tommy told me, a professional photographer doesn’t need to go studio for a photoshoot because they can do it anywhere outdoor and the outcome can still be amazing. I agreed.

Ivanyolo Photo by Ernest Tan Photography
Ivanyolo Ivan Cheam Photo by Ernest Tan Photography
Ernest is quite friendly as well, we took a few cigarette breaks, chit-chat a while and then returned to the shooting session. I preferred my photo in black & white with shadow because it suit me and I love it especially with camera angle from the back (the photo on blog frontpage).

You can find out more about Ernest Tan Photography work and portfolios on his official Facebook business page or Instagram. If you’re a fashion model or company looking for a professional photography service in Malaysia, Ernest is the one to call! His professional service is suitable for weddings, private events, corporate profile, fashion, personal head-shot portraits and many more.

Photographer: Ernest Tan

My rating: / 5

It was absolutely a fun day out. I love it! And some teaser photo by Ernest…

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