Used Blu-ray Movies For Sale (US Import)

Used Blu-ray For Sale in Malaysia

It has been awhile since the last time I updated my blog post, here I have some Blu-ray collections that I’ve been collecting since 2010 and decided to let go some of my Blu-ray titles. It is used items and all are US imported and bought from Amazon US, most of it, unless stated it’s a local disc. It’s well stored without any defect on the discs, not even a scratch. The Blu-ray titles below are only available for COD in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the mean time I will be upgrading to 4K and sooner or later I will be moving out, so guess there are some Blu-ray titles I have to let go.

Used Blu-ray For Sale

2-Discs Used Blu-ray with DVD (Slip Cover)

Interstellar (New) RM70
Wonder Woman RM60
Green Hornet (Used) RM40
Super8 (Used) RM40
Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (Used) RM40
Rambo 5 (Used) – RM40
Hanna (Used) RM30 Reserved
Predators (Used) – Sold

Standard Blu-ray Disc

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Skynet Edition) (Used) Sold
Underworld Awakening (Used) RM40
Snow White and The Huntsmen (Used) RM30
X-Men First Class (Used) RM30
Drive (Used) RM30
Black Hawk Down (Used) RM30
300 (Used) RM30
Blood Diamond (Used) RM30
Casino Royale 007 (Used) RM30
Drag Me To Hell Unrated (Used) RM30
Speed (Used) RM20
Ghost Rider (Used) RM20 Reserved
Van Helsing (Used) RM20 Reserved
Twister (Used) Sold
Troy (Used) RM20 Reserved

Speedy Video

RoboCop (Used) RM30

Payment Method: COD Kuala Lumpur / Kepong
Whatsapp: 012-9031369

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