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Susan Wong Best Jazz Vocals Album Review

If you have heard of the name Susan Wong you’ll know how good her vocals are when it comes to listening to her Smooth Jazz music collection. Hailing from Hong Kong, Susan Wong also known as 黃翠珊, released a few albums since the early 2000s and all I can say is her songs are good for the ears and I rated this the best female vocals & Jazz music for audiophiles. Below is a music video for you to get started.

Some of her cover songs are extraordinary because she can sing and transform a Pop song to a Smooth Jazz version of ‘Bille Jean’, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, ‘Cry Me A River’ and many more. Most of her songs are Smooth Jazz & Bossa Nova Jazz.

Susan released her first ‘Close To You’ album in 2002, which consist of 11 songs like Killing Me Softly, Fly Me To The Moon, Close to You, Love Will Keep Us Alive and etc. I’ll just dive straight into editor’s pick for 4 of my favorite Susan Wong’s album below. Expect to hear a lot smooth percussion, piano, drums and guitar instrument, and I guess you will love it!

Susan Wong Close to You

Susan Wong Close to You (2002)

1. Killing Me Softly Editor’s Pick
2. I’m Easy
3. Fly Me To The Moon Editor’s Pick
4. Close to You Editor’s Pick
5. Love Will Keep Us Alive Editor’s Pick
6. Stay Awhile
7. Do You Wanna Dance?
8. This Masquerade
9. Do That To Me One More Time
10. Desperado
11. Just Fall In Love Again

Susan Wong 511 Album

Susan Wong 511 (2009)

1. September
2. I’m Not In Love
3. You Are So Beautiful
4. Home
5. Umbrella
6. Blame It On The Boogie
7. Everytime You Go Away Editor’s Pick
8. Billie Jean
9. Empty Room
10. Windmills Of My Mind Editor’s Pick
11. It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over
12. Saving All My Love For You Editor’s Pick
13. The Winner Takes It All

Susan Wong Step Into My Dreams Album

Susan Wong Step Into My Dreams (2010)

1. California Dreaming Editor’s Pick
2. Something
3. Halo
4. Groovin’
5. Let’s Stay Together Editor’s Pick
6. So Far Away
7. Sound Of Silence Editor’s Pick
8. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
9. Happy Together
10. Big Yellow Taxi
11. The Letter
12. I Wanna Hold Your Hand Editor’s Pick
13. For Once In My Life
14 Where Did Our Love Go?

Susan Wong Album Reviews

Susan Wong My Live Stories (2012)

1. You’ve Got A Friend
2. Billie Jean
3. Something
4. (They long to be) Close to You Editor’s Pick
5. September Editor’s Pick
6. You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
7. What A Difference A Day Made Editor’s Pick
8. Perfect
9. Cry Me A River
10. I Will Survive
11. Love Will Keep Us Alive Editor’s Pick
12. California Dreaming Editor’s Pick
13. When You Say Nothing At All
14. Sometimes When We Touch Editor’s Pick
15. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
16. Do That To Me One More Time
17. Desperado

For more a decade, we can see Susan is still active in singing until today, which sees her in 2018, she released her brand new single titled ‘He’s The One’ on Evolution Media Limited. ‘He’s The One’ is a song infused with acoustic guitar and Susan’s clear vocals in the cover song.

Now where to get her all albums? Susan Wong’s albums are available in digital download via HDTracks, you can download it in high definition DSD and 192kHz/24bit FLAC. You can also listen for free via Spotify and TIDAL (for Hi-Fi online streaming), this will surely put a smile on your face. Not to forget for Vinyl LP and SACD collectors, you can also find it online but be ready to expect a steep price.

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