Nichole Wagner – And the Sky Caught Fire (2018) Album Review

If you are looking for some new sound and into Americana, Folk & Country music, here I have a good recommendation. Listening to Country songs just gives you the feeling of cross country or road trip through long highways you’ve seen in many movies. You get what I mean? It’s American music.

Road Trip
But when it comes to listening to Country Music, you can enjoy the relaxing acoustic and electric guitar accompanied by the singer’s vocals. Check out Nichole Wagner’s first album titled ‘And the Sky Caught Fire’ which features 10 country songs. Here are the editor’s pick for the album.

And the Sky Caught Fire Tracklist

1. Winner Take All Editor’s Pick
2. Dynamite
3. Yellow Butterfly Editor’s Pick
4. Rules of Baseball Editor’s Pick
5. The Last Time
6. This Kind of Love
7. Let Me Know
8. Fires of Pompeii (We Should Walk Away) [feat. Rod Picott] Editor’s Pick
9. Reconsider Me Editor’s Pick
10. Sparks & Gasoline Me Editor’s Pick

“Wagner’s first full-length record establishes her as one of Austin’s most promising young singer-songwriters…” – Peter Blackstock

Nichole Wagner is a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. Her 2018 And the Sky Caught Fire album is available in CD ($20.00), Digital ($10.00) & Limited Edition Vinyl ($35.00) via her official website and also available on Spotify.

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