Linkin Park Releases One More Light Music Video, Tribute of Chester Bennington

Linkin Park One More Light Music Video

I get goosebumped watching Linkin Park’s latest music video. Linkin Park released ‘One More Light’ official music video as a tribute for Chester Bennington. The band also announced a concert in honour of Chester Bennington that will take place in Los Angeles on October 2017.

Well, feeling sad while watching the video and Chester will be remembered and missed. The video includes some flashback of their concerts and backstage scenes. One More Light is Linkin Park new album released in 2017. So here I am, to do an editor’s pick on One More Light album.

One More Light Album

1. Nobody Can Save Me
2. Good Goodbye Editor’s Pick
3. Talking to Myself Editor’s Pick
4. Battle Symphony Editor’s Pick
5. Invisible
6. Heavy (Explicit) Editor’s Pick
7. Sorry for Now
8. Halfway Right Editor’s Pick
9. One More Light Editor’s Pick
10. Sharp Edges

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