Getsunova x Violette Wautier – ‘Aftermoon’ Music Video

Aftermoon Getsunova x Violetter Wautier

It has been a while and I’m glad to be back with the first post for 2019! Getsunova & Violette Wautier released their new music video titled ดวงจันทร์กลางวัน ‘Aftermoon‘ on Youtube. With huge listeners especially in Thailand, the single immediately rated No. 1 Thailand Top 100 2018 by Joox.

Released on GMM, ‘Aftermoon‘ is infused with Thai pop elements accompanied by the vocals of Getsunova’s lead vocalist Prakarn Raiva and Violette Wautier beautiful vocal. This song certainly brings out the feeling of ‘missing someone‘ from afar. The MV indeed good too with a story. ‘Aftermoon‘ music video came alive and it matches nicely with the song.

Getsunova is a well-known Thai pop music group in Thailand, consist of four members – Prakarn Raiva, Panoth Khunprasert, Natee Osathanugrah, Komkadeach Sangwatanaroj. They also won awards, collaborated with many artists and performed at large scale live concerts.

In October 2018, Violette Wautier released her new electro-pop single, you can check out her ‘Smoke‘ single release.

Watch and listen to Aftermoon music video performed by Getsunova x Violette Wautier below.

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