Killing Thunderjaw In 8 Minutes: Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Guide

Thunderjaw Boss Fight Horizon Zero Dawn Guide

Ran away when you see gigantic Thunderjaw? If you have come across the Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn and having a hard time killing it, you have used the wrong method.

To defeat the Thunderjaw machine, you need to do watch out for some of its behaviors. Always watch out for the Thunderjaw’s laser beams and tail swings. Always ready run when it begins to charge toward you.

Heals as quickly as you can when it hurt you because whenever it will make the next attack and you won’t be able to avoid.

Here are some of the tips on how to defeat the Thunderjaw as fast as you can. Always set explosive traps around in a circle, as it will keep charging on you. Also, make sure you don’t get hit by your own traps.

Move behind your traps and lure it to explosive traps. Try to tear its armors, components & canisters as quickly as you can with ‘Tearblast’ arrows to easily strip down every armor and components of the Thunderjaw.

Aim for its weapons and tear down the Disc Launcher from the Thunderjaw. You can use it and deal with a huge amount of damage to the Thunderjaw!

Below is one of the boss fight videos defeating Thunderjaw less than 8 minutes with the Disc Launcher.

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