Urban Dream – Fujifilm X-Trans IV Recipe For Leisure

Urban Dream Cityscape

Here I released the new recipe called ‘Urban Dream’. It has been a while since I create film simulation recipes as I was busy with my film photography projects and I know my readers and Fujifilm film recipe fanboys out there are waiting for the next one! I tried not to create too many recipes else it will end up looking the same. Let’s go for quality, not quantity. The Urban Dream is great for a whole day photo walk or leisure travels around the city and town.

What Is It All About The Urban Dream Recipe?

The Urban Dream is created based on the Classic Chrome film simulation, one of the best street photography film simulations and settings are adjusted on the fly to create yet another travel film simulation recipes. If you have the Classic Chrome film simulation, the good news for you is that you can use this custom recipe. This recipe is for use on the Fujifilm X-Trans IV sensor cameras including the X-T4, X-T30II, X-E4, X100V, X-S10, X-T30 and so on. I have not tested it on older X-Trans IV cameras before so you can give it a try!

I tried not to make any duplicates or look the same as any of my Fujifilm film simulation recipes. I realised that if create too many, everything will look the same, that’s why I’ll go slow for now. Feel free to use this recipe for urban street photography, indoor shoots, portraits, cityscapes and travel. You can also shoot in a little underexpose to get a more moody feeling. Alternatively, check out the shoot with the dreamy recipe for dreamy mood straight out of the camera.

I realised I was too soft with the white balance shift on most of my recipes, so I decided to go crazy with this one. You will be able to get a vintage golden orange tone with this recipe if you are good at looking for the best light source, objects or backgrounds. This recipe color tone inherits the warm tone which is soothing to the eyes. The vintage orange warm tone might get quite intense when shooting under indoor artificial lights.

Urban Dream Fuji Recipe Custom Settings

If you are one of the Classic Negative recipes user, do check out the Nomadic Mood, which is one of the best Fuji recipes for travel you can find in my recipe list. Happy shooting and I hope you’ll like this one too!

Urban Dream Sample Photos

Dreamy Classic Chrome Fujifilm Recipe
Dreamy Fujifilm Recipe Urban Dream
Dreamy Portrait Fuji Recipe
Dreamy Portrait Fujifilm Recipes
Dreamy Vintage Fujifilm Recipe
Urban Dream Cityscape
Urban Dream Fujifilm Recipe Cityscape

Urban Dream Fuji Recipe Indoor
A photoshoot on film, check out the full photo gallery

Urban Dream Fuji Recipe Low Light Portrait
Urban Dream Portrait Sample
Urban Dream Fuji Recipe Portrait Sample
Urban Dream Street Photos
Urban Dream Low Light
Urban Dream Moody Film Simulation Recipe
Urban dream Portrait Sample
Urban Dream Recipe
Urban Dream Recipe Low Light
Urban Dream Street Photos

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