Half-Day Trip To National Zoo Malaysia With My Camera

Zoo Negara - Malaysia National Zoo

After being quarantined at home for more than 3 months, I felt like I need some fresh air, so I visited the National Zoo Malaysia, a great place to connect with nature, and animals and heal my soul. It has been more than 25 years since I visited the national zoo during my primary school trip, back in the 90s.

Primary School Trip to Zoo Negara
Primary School Trip to Zoo Negara

Of course, you can’t find me in the photos because I was the one holding the camera.

I have thought about the zoo actually needing help with donations for the animal’s daily food intake, so I adopted a cheetah cub named ‘Flash’ before the zoo reopens due to the pandemic. It does feel good if able to help by making donations and doing small good deeds. Find out how to make a donation or adopt an animal at Zoo Negara.

There are not many people at the zoo during the recovery stage of the pandemic. In the meantime, I took quite a lot of photos of animals at the zoo. The condition of the zoo looks quite okay at the moment. Some of the animals look happy, but some just need a larger enclosure to run around, I guess. Well, that was just own my opinion.

I brought along my Fujifilm camera with a telephoto lens for some photoshoot practice. I am building my freelance photographer career as a personal travel photographer in the future and I think the zoo is a good attraction for family and school trips, one of the places to watch wild animals, birds, and reptiles in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I did try to greet the white tiger by chuffing but no response from the tiger. 🤣

I actually missed out on the main attraction at the zoo, the giant Pandas! I didn’t enter the air conditioner building because I was not sure if I could enter with my camera as I saw there was some signage at the entrance from afar, so I just skipped it. If you are planning to visit the National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur, make sure to go and check out those cute Panda bears!

Zoo Negara is located in Jalan Taman Zooview, Ampang. Don’t worry if driving a car, there are plenty of parking spaces.

Visiting the zoo is a way to connect with nature and is best to bring along family and children.

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