10 Best Mobile Photography Kits For Beginners

Mobile photography has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks in part to the advancements in smartphone camera technology. With the right mobile photography kits and a little know-how, you can capture stunning photos and videos with just your mobile phone. However, as a beginner, it can be overwhelming to know which accessories to invest in to enhance your mobile photography skills.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the 10 best mobile photography gears for beginners, designed to help you take your shots to the next level. From tripods to external flashes, lens kits to power banks, these accessories are essential for anyone looking to improve their mobile photography game. So, let’s dive in and explore these must-have accessories in more detail.

List of Best Mobile Photography Kits To Kickstart With

1. Tripod & Phone Holder

Benro Slim Travel Tripod for Best Mobile Photography Kit

Benro Slim Travel Tripod

Moment Phone Holder Best Mobile Photography Kit

Moment Phone Clamp For Tripod

A tripod is essential for mobile photography because it helps keep your phone steady, which is especially important in low light situations. You can find tripods that are specifically designed for mobile phones, and they often come with adjustable legs and flexible heads for maximum versatility. You might also need a phone clamp for the tripod.

The Benro Slim Travel tripod is the perfect solution for traveling with a tripod. It is compact, lightweight, foldable and features 3 leg positions and each leg can be positioned individually for uneven terrain.

2. Lens Kit

Moment Wide 18mm Lens Best Mobile Photography Kits

Moment Wide Lens 18mm

A lens kit is a great accessory for mobile photographers who want to expand their shooting options. These kits come with various lenses such as fisheye, wide-angle, and macro, which can help you capture a wider range of shots.

3. Shotgun Microphone

Jovy Shotgun Microphone Best Mobile Photography Kit

JOBY Wavo - Affordable Shotgun Microphone

The JOBY Wavo shotgun microphone provides outstanding audio quality in a small and compact design, making it an excellent choice for everyday use. It boasts a durable finish that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. This microphone is specifically designed for vloggers who frequently switch between projects and need a versatile tool that can adapt to their changing needs.

It is the perfect solution for capturing high-quality audio, allowing you to deliver an immersive and engaging experience for your audience. Whether you are filming interviews, events, or just recording your daily vlogs, the JOBY Wavo shotgun microphone will help you get the job done with ease and precision.

With its exceptional capabilities, you will be able to produce professional-quality audio content that will captivate your viewers and keep them coming back for more.

4. Remote Shutter

Moment Bluetooth Remote Mobile Photography Kit

Moment Bluetooth Remote

 – A remote shutter is a handy tool that lets you trigger your phone’s camera from a distance, which is useful for capturing group shots or self-portraits. Now you can use a remote with Bluetooth to trigger your mobile phone while take photos, best for night photography, astrophotography, landscape & portraits when using a tripod.

5. Power Bank

Mophie Power Bank 10000 Mah

Belkin USB-C Power Bank 10K

 If you plan on taking lots of photos or videos, a power bank can be a lifesaver. These portable chargers let you recharge your phone’s battery on the go, so you never have to worry about running out of juice. A 10,000 Mah is great for travel as some countries will have limit restriction when you are bringing a power bank on flight.

6. Gimbal

Moment DJI Osmo Mobile 6

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

A gimbal is a device that helps to stabilize your mobile phone to ensure your photos and videos come out steady and professional-looking. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in mobile photography who wants to take their skills to the next level.

A good gimbal will have multiple modes that allow you to capture footage in specific ways, such as following a moving object or panning smoothly across a scene. To complete your mobile photography kits, you may also need additional accessories such as lenses, a tripod, light sources, and memory cards.

These additional parts will give you even more options to explore and express your creativity in different ways. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting, a gimbal and mobile photography kits can help you take your mobile photography to the next level.

7. Portable Lighting

Moment Aputure AL-MX

Aputure AL-MX On Camera LED Light

Portable lighting – Portable lighting can help you illuminate your subject and create a more professional-looking image. You can find small LED lights that attach to your phone, or you can use larger, battery-powered lights for more intense lighting.

8. CineBloom Filter For Mobile

Moment Cinebloom 67mm for Phone

Moment 67mm CineBloom - Phone Filter Bundle

CineBloom Diffusion Filters are complete game-changers for anyone looking to create cinematic footage that feels like a dream. Using these specialty glass filters, you can add a certain magic to your videos that are hard to replicate with any other tool.

Unlike digital images, which can often appear too clinical or ultra-sharp, CineBloom filters help you achieve a more organic, film-like quality in your footage that truly captivates the viewer. If you want to create truly breathtaking visuals, these filters are a must-have for your mobile photography kits.

They are available in a range of densities, including 10% and 20%, and are specifically designed to bloom light and soften hard edges, which ultimately results in a smoothing effect on skin tones, making wrinkles less noticeable. If you’re interested, I recommend choosing the 67mm filters, as they are compatible with the Lens Filter Mount and the Phone Filter Mount, making them easy and more accessible to use.

9. Protective Case

Moment Weatherproof Travel Case

Moment Weatherproof Mobile Lens Carrying Case - 4 Lenses

Protective case – Finally, a protective case is essential for keeping your phone safe and secure while you’re out shooting. Look for a case that offers shock resistance and protection from drops, scratches, and other types of damage. This is a good investment for travel if you are looking to store mobile lenses, mobile filters, SD cards, portable SSDs etc.

10. Lens Cleaner

Moment Lens Cleaning Pen & Brush Mobile Photography Kit

Moment Mobile Lens Cleaning Pen

Lens cleaner – Keeping your lenses clean is crucial for capturing sharp and clear images. A lens cleaner kit includes everything you need to keep your lenses free from dust, dirt, and fingerprints.

Final Thoughts About The Best Mobile Photography Kits

In conclusion, mobile photography has become an accessible and popular medium for capturing high-quality images, especially for beginners. With the right gear and a little bit of practice, anyone can take their mobile photography skills to the next level. From the 10 essential mobile photography gear we’ve discussed, a tripod, lens kit, external flash, remote shutter, power bank, gimbal, portable lighting, lens cleaner, smartphone holder, and protective case can make a significant difference in the quality of your photos and videos.

If you are planning on delving into the world of photography using your mobile device, it would be advantageous for you to enrich your knowledge on the subject of mobile photography. The vast array of photography courses available online can provide you with an excellent opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the various techniques and strategies that can be employed by photographers to create stunning images using nothing but their mobile phones.

By investing some time in educating yourself on this increasingly popular art form, you will open up a whole new horizon of opportunities to develop your skills in mobile photography, which will undoubtedly come in handy when you decide to finally start using your photography gears. So why not take advantage of the vast resources available online and reap the benefits of mastering mobile photography?

Investing in these accessories can enhance your mobile photography and unlock your creativity, giving you more opportunities to capture beautiful moments and memories. So, start building your mobile photography kits with these essential accessories and take your mobile photography to the next level! If you are a mirrorless camera owner, do check out the best camera gear for travel photography use.

I hope this best mobile photography kits guide has been helpful in introducing you to the essential mobile photography gears for beginners. With these accessories, you’ll be well on your way to capturing stunning photos and videos with just your mobile phone. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep experimenting and refining your skills. Thanks for reading, and happy shooting!

* Please be advised that this post is not in any way endorsed or sponsored by Moment. I would like to mention that links provided for purchasing purposes may lead to me earning a commission. I am grateful for your continued support and appreciation for the content I produce. It helps keep this blog active.

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