Downside of Xiaomi Note 3 Pro Camera & Video, Don’t Buy!

I used this phone for about half year now and totally not satisfied with its quality. The phone design is nice, slick, solid but easy slipped from my hand and dropped on the floor. I can’t count how many times I dropped the phone already.

Well when comes to the Note 3 Pro camera quality with its so called 16 megapixel camera, oh my goodness. It’s really bad, picture quality is totally unacceptable. You know, the pictures taken are really blurry even though my hand not shaky or tapped the screen to get the camera focused. Compared to my previous Samsung and Asus phone, their camera quality are much better.

Lets take a look at the blurry pictures taken from Xiaomi Note 3 Pro. It’s the same no matter taking pictures in daytime or night, bad quality.

So far the performance is good but when Second Space is activated, the lagging problem will start. Second Space is like having two phone in one where you can run apps separately. Below are the photos and videos taken during my YOLO moments witnessing Paul van Dyk live in KL recently.

IMG 20170415 020303
IMG 20170415 020202
IMG 20170415 020342
IMG 20170415 022635
And now for the video recorded on my Mii phone, audio distorted as hell. That’s it for a phone that cost RM550+, guess you can’t demand for good stuff from a cheap China brand phone, right?

I’ve been considering whether to get new phone from Huawei or back to basic with Samsung. Lets see.

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