Best Hobby Wishlist For Collectors of 2020

Top Hobby Wishlist 2020

Everyone has their own hobby wishlist or items they want. Getting the things you want from the wishlist is also as self-treat or self-pampered for working hard. Just try not to do it too often though.

Make sure to save up enough money to get the desired items. Also not to miss out on the tips on how to save money to get wishlist items below.

Always spend wisely, make sure the hobby wishlist item is affordable and within the budget, so you don’t struggle the next month or getting trouble with credit card debts.

5 Best Hobby Wishlist Items for Collectors

Here are some of my top 5 wishlist ideas for hobbyists and collectors for 2020. Items below include a mirrorless camera, action figures, Hifi amplifier, and console racing cockpit.

Fujifilm X-T30

Fujifilm X-T30 Black - Wishlist For Photographers
I would include Fujifilm mirrorless camera in my hobby wishlist of 2020 as it has advanced features and more functions compared to the entry-level X-T100. Probably it’s cheaper by getting the X-T30 body only and matched it with my current camera lenses. It will cost around RM3,900 (US$899) for the body only.

Seriously I can’t afford the new Fujifilm X-T4 as it cost about RM10,000 but if without the kit lens it might be cheaper. It’s fine for professional photographers to get X-T4 as they will eventually get back the profits from photoshoot jobs.

Tifa Lockhart FF7 Remake Action Figure

Tifa Lockhard Action Figure Hobby Wishlist 2020
After playing the FF7 Remake on PS4, I have thought of getting the action figure for my hobby wishlist. Tifa Lockhart’s is one of my favorite FF7 characters and the Play Arts Kai action figure is available for preorder and only be released in October. It is also considered a hot-selling and limited items! I guess many FF7 collectors & hobbyists already going for it.

It’s not going to be cheap but definitely worth for collection. Each FF7 Remake Cloud, Tifa, Barret & Aerith action figure cost around RM540++ excluding shipping and set to release in the coming months. I think the figure will cost MORE than RM800++ including oversea shipping fees.

PS4 Racing Simulator

Racing Simulator for PS4 Gamers
How about building a PS4 racing simulator at home? There are a few types of equipment needed including a PS4, LCD monitors, racing steering wheel (major brands including Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatec), racing seat, and 5.1 surround sound speakers. The most expensive items to get for the simulator is the racing seat and steering wheel. This definitely worth including in the hobby wishlist.

Shop for Racing Simulator Cockpit

A good quality racing simulator seat and steering wheel with pedals/gear shifter can cost few thousands of ringgit. There is also a ready-built racing simulator cockpit but it’s more expensive.

Naruto Shippudden Action Figures

Itachi Action Figure Wishlist For Action Figure Collectors
Well, how about getting a Naruto Shippudden action figure from It is a replica action figure cost below RM200 each and probably made & shipped from China. It may not look the same as original but I found out the quality is fine after watching the Naruto action figure review on Youtube. Uchiha Itachi action figure look absolutely stunning for the low price. I have added Itachi & Gantz’s Reika in my hobby wishlist!

To get one head to and search Naruto figure or Naruto statue. There are other action figures to choose including Gantz, Wonder Woman, Dragonball, Nier: Automata, Naruto and many more.

Nobsound MS-10D Hifi Tube Amplifier

Nobsound Hifi Tube Amplifier - Cheap Hifi
There are many good reviews about the Nobsound Vacuum Tube amplifier. The MKII is a 2-channel tube amplifier that is good for the audiophile who wants great sound at the cheapest price.

The tube amplifier supports Flac/MP3/WAV/WMA playback via USB drive. Fine-tune the bass & treble to suit listening experience with great audio quality.

Shop For Nobsound Tube Amplifier

By changing the vacuum tubes to Russian tubes, many reviewers said that it will further increase the sound quality of the music. You can get a Hi-Fi tube amplifier for only $199. MKIII is a 2.1 channel tube amplifier with subwoofer output.

How To Save Up To Get Wishlist Items

Alright, here are the saving up tips to get one of your favorite hobby wishlist items:

  • Don’t rush into getting the item
  • Save money every month, e.g. save $100 per month and wait for the right time once you get enough cash for the item
  • Make sure have enough budget and pay with cash
  • Save up the cash in a different bank account
  • Watch out for mega sales, festive sales, or year end sales
  • Cut some cost with free shipping
  • Get discount codes or coupons
  • If the item is limited edition, you can buy & pay as monthly installment. Make sure you can afford it & pay on time every month

What is your wishlist for 2020/2021 or do you plan to get any of these hobby wishlist items? It is good to pamper and reward oneself sometimes.

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