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Best Japanese Film-Look Recipes - Japanese Color Tones

6 Best Japanese Film-Look Recipes For Fujifilm Cameras

Lately, I’ve been experimenting and creating some Japanese film-look recipes for Fujifilm cameras. Here I will be listing down all my favourite Japanese film look with a greenish tone that I have created. I have been shooting for a while with these Fujifilm recipes and are great for portraits, landscapes and travel. Trying not to create any duplicates, all of the Japanese film-look recipes have their own characteristics and tonal adjustment.

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Street Photography Composition Techniques

9 Essential Street Photography Composition For Newbies – Part 2

Here we covers some of the street photography composition for beginner street photographers. Everyone has a creative streak inside them, and with photography, that talent can be unleashed. Whether it’s capturing moments to cherish for years to come or creating stunning works of art, learning photography basics is the first step to unlocking your potential.

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Editor's Choice - Kickstart 2023

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