Bodyslam ‘Wicha Tua Bao’ 7th Studio CD Album Review

Bodyslam Thai Rock Band

A fan of Thailand rock band Bodyslam and planning to get their original album, you are out of luck for now. Bodyslam Wicha Tua Bao is one of the high in demand and best-selling Thai music albums in 2019. Their Wicha Tua Bao album on is totally sold out!

Released on Thailand’s largest record company Genie Records / GMM Grammy on 30th January 2019, Bodyslam’s 7th album consists of 11 tracks including popular songs such as ‘Wicha Tua Bao’, ‘Krai Kue Rao’ (Who We Are), ‘Krueng Krueng Klang Klang’, ‘Nirun’ and many more. For maximum rock ‘feel’, ‘149.6’, ‘Mai Kae Tai’ will definitely suit your taste with lots of drums & bass guitars.

Bodyslam also collaborated with Palmy, bringing a new sound into 2019 with single titled ‘Nirun’. I’m here to do a full review on Wicha Tua Bao as all the songs are great for listening all day long to get energized.

Bodyslam’s Wicha Tua Bao Album

1. Krai Kue Rao (ใครคือเรา) Editor’s Pick
2. 149.6 Editor’s Pick
3. Wicha Tua Bao (วิชาตัวเบา) Editor’s Pick
4. Tis-sa-dee Wuk-seen (ทฤษฎีวัคซีน)
5. Nirun feat. Palmy (นิรันดร์) Editor’s Pick
6. Mai Kae Tai feat. Joey Boy (ไม่แก่ตาย) Editor’s Pick
7. Krueng Krueng Klang Klang (ครึ่งๆ กลางๆ) Editor’s Pick
8. Saeng Sawan (แสงสวรรค์)
9. Chao Tee Duang Arthit Mai Kei Song Saeng (เช้าที่ดวงอาทิตย์ไม่เคยส่องแสง)
10. Puk Boong Loy Fah feat. Flucking Hero (ผักบุ้งลอยฟ้า) Editor’s Pick
11. Kwam Mhai (ความหมาย)

Bodyslam is a Thai rock band of 5 members led by vocalist Athiwara “Toon” Khongmalai and band members Yod (lead guitar), Pid (bass guitar), Ohm Plengkhum (keyboard) and Chad (drums). Check out these music videos for a head start before purchasing an original album.

Listen to the Bodyslam full album on Spotify. Find out more about Bodyslam on social media for live concert dates via Facebook.

This album get the highest rating of 4.9 out of 5 and the best songs are listed in my Thai songs audiophile playlist.

Enjoy watch and interactive in Wicha Tua Bao for its 360 VR official music video. It is one of the most popular Thai songs of 2019.

The first song in the album ‘Krai Kue Rao’ is a rock song blend with modern electronic synth, which sounds unique among all of their music.

One of the most melodic songs by Bodyslam, the song start with slow piano tune followed by Toon’s vocals and blends in perfectly with drums, bass guitar and the band’s background vocals right after the break.

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