Planning to rent out your luxury and comfy apartment you have recently bought? It’s time to start your own homestay business and here I have 7 ways how to improve your vacation property business online to get more rental booking. The topics that will be covered in this guide include:

If you want to earn extra income as a landlord or host a vacation home and renting your place on a daily basis for guests, these homestay ideas and tips might help you. This guide is created especially for apartment or condominium owners who are planning to make their property as a homestay for couples, family, ex-pats, or travellers coming for a vacation in Kuala Lumpur.

These are some of my crazy ideas and tips on how to boost homestay business online but it might work for you too. As we know, many properties now already have the luxury hotel concept that will help the homestay owners who want to convert it as a vacation rental, can easily rent out their luxury apartments for ex-pats, business travellers etc.

How do you make money from homestay?

Make Money Homestay Business

It takes about 10 minutes driving to the Golden Triangle – Kuala Lumpur’s popular shopping areas, entertainment hubs, the iconic landmark of KLCC and Bukit Bintang Walk.

It is also convenient access to a college, shopping malls and food stalls nearby the property. These are some of the things you need to look for when buying a property for investment purposes.

Here are two tips about how you can rent out with your luxury homestay property, rent your rooms or the entire apartment as a homestay for families and couples. If you are planning to stay at the apartment, I suggest you stay in a bedroom and rent out the rest of the bedrooms. You’ll be sharing the dining and living room.

If you think it’s not convenient then rent out the entire apartment for higher rental ROI to cover your expenses or monthly property repayment.

How can I improve my homestay business?

Apartment or condominium with hotel concept interiors is best to do vacation homes for travellers who visit Kuala Lumpur city. The location of the vacation rental property has to be strategic, such as easy access to transportations, conveniently getting from place to place on the buses, taxis, trains and so on.

All you need is to get your guests to be happy and make it as comfortable as possible for them just like their own home.

1. Luxurious & Comfy Rooms

Luxurious Comfy Room Improve Rental Business Guide
The interior needs to look modern, luxurious yet comfortable for vacation home rentals. Many condominiums today have the hotel concept which helps to increase the rental booking online because guests always look for a nice place during their staycation in Kuala Lumpur. Keep your house clean and prepare all the necessary household items. Invest in renovation if you want to make your home look luxurious and comfy. There are many home improvement and house makeover companies out that can give you some ideas.

2. Be a personal travel guide for guests

Personal Travel Guide For Guests 2020
Become a personal travel guide for your guests. Offer your guests a travel plan to visit KL attractions and popular landmarks in Kuala Lumpur. You can bring your homestay guests to Batu Caves, KLCC, Bintang Walk, National Zoo, Bird Park, Chinatown just to name a few. They will be happy for your help and might plan to stay again the next time they visit KL.

3. Car rental for a day

Personal Car Rental Homestay Guests
Rent out your car or become a driver. Let your home stay guests know you have a car for them to drive around the city. They will be thankful as you help them save up for transportation. If you are worried about your car safety, just be a driver for a day for them and take them to the places they wanted to go.

4. Personal photographer

Personal Travel Photographer for Vacation Rental Guests
Become a travel photographer for your guests. You can offer photography service and help them take amazing pictures instead of them taking selfies. If you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera, let them know you can be their personal travel photographer for a day and help them take memorable moments during their vacation or honeymoon.

5. Sign up as Airbnb host

Become Airbnb Host To Improve Homestay Business
Sign up for Airbnb to promote your vacation home rental business online. Many property developers have tied up with Airbnb and let the host rent out their property as a vacation rental. As an Airbnb host, we want to prepare everything including listing out the amenities for our guests and assist them from time to time to keep them happy during their stay.

Here I have an informative Youtube video to share with my readers about how to be the best Airbnb host. Check it out.

6. Build a home rental business website

Build Vacation Rental Website Online
Owning a personal homestay or vacation rental website might help awareness about your vacation rental business online. List out the services you can provide on your website, social media or Facebook page. Hire a web designer and update your personal homestay website so guests can easily search what they’re looking for. Add the amenities, facilities and upload good photos of your property to attract potential guests to book your rooms.

7. Share on social media

Social Media Sharing Business Online Guide
The next step is to share everything you have from the latest room rental promotions, room pictures to guest photos on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and so on. It will give you extra awareness for your online business. You can request your previous guests to leave reviews or testimonials about their staycation experience.

It all depends on how hardworking you are to promote your business online. I hope this 7 crazy ideas and tips of mine will help new homestay owners out there on how to improve homestay business online and let your guests enjoy their stay and have unforgettable travel experience in Kuala Lumpur.