It has been a while and I guess it’s time to update my blog, I was at Cameron Highlands last two weeks with my friends. I brought my full camera gears, my ‘little giant’ the Fujifilm X-T30, 15-45mm kit lens, 50-230mm telephoto lens & a tripod. I can’t remember if I did bring my X-T100, as I thought of getting a 4K landscape shot at Cameron but I guess my X-T30 is more than enough.

Well, I’m not a professional but I love landscape photography as well as street portraiture and I’m still learning the skills such as lighting, composition, and angles. My photos might not look perfect but I am trying really hard for it. I won’t give up photography because I have plans for my Airbnb apartment rental business, becoming a personal travel photographer in the coming years. Fingers crossed.

I remembered I was still a kid the first time I visited Cameron Highlands. Time flies!

Back to the present, we stayed at the Nova Highlands Hotel & Resorts with a great landscape view from the balcony. The weather is perfect, it was windy and cold.

We stopped by in Ipoh for breakfast and take a short walk at the Concubine Lane. There is nothing much to see here actually.

Concubine Lane Ipoh
Concubine Lane @ Ipoh
Well, I’ll just share the photos straight away.

Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands
Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands
Strawberry Farm Group Photo
It’s not hard to take these landscape photos, it’s just about waiting for the right time. For two days in a row, I woke up early at 6.00am to wait and catch the sunrise. One of my friend, who was sleeping in the living room, asked why I walked around in the living room early in the morning! LOL.

Cameron Highlands Sunrise
sunrise landscape
Black & White Landscape Cameron Highlands
There was a moment when I spent time on the balcony with one of my friends, we chit-chat and talked for almost 3 hours about work-life, and other stuff. Well, we talked a lot about photography too, as they know I am so into taking photographs. Then my friend gave me some tips on how to make money with photography and stuff. Taking photos requires patience, timing and creativity.

I know that everyone can take the same photos. Anyone can actually take the same landscape photos as mine. I like to shoot my landscape photos using some of the best film simulations for landscapes I’ve compiled in a list.

We also visited the popular Boh tea plantation in Cameron. As you can see, the photo I’ve taken under the shade came out really dark, just need some lighting (facing the wrong direction) or post-processing.

Boh Tea Plantation
Boh Tea Cameron Highlands
Boh Tea

Well, that was all about my story in Cameron Highlands. Guess what? I’ve compiled a few of the landscape photos as nature wallpaper for desktop & mobile and it is free for download.