Planning to do equipment stat transfer but no idea where is the NPC? Mining, gardening to fishing in which is some of the important life skills in ROX games when it comes to upgrading the equipment. After we upgraded the weapons, armors, and accessories, players will often get new equipment from daily instances.

This is a great new feature in Ragnarok X where players can transfer the previous stat to new equipment and very useful if when using new equipment. Players don’t have to upgrade again and waste upgrade materials.

For new Ragnarok X players, the Magic Furnace NPC location in Prontera may be confusing at first, and it may be difficult to find the Refine/Inherit/Smelt NPC you’re looking for. You can also easily find the NPC by opening the map on the upper right screen and look for the NPCs on Current Map.

There are new features in Ragnarok X which you can do Equipment Stat Transfer where players can transfer the stat from old to new equipment with just a few clicks. All the equipment upgrades stats and refines stats will be transferred to new equipment.

All you need to do is look for the NPC in Prontera located near the fountain and next to the Upgrade/Repair NPC.

1. Find Magic Furnace NPC in Prontera

equipment stat transfer prontera location ragnarok
You can find the Magic Furnace NPC nearby the fountain in Prontera. Use the map to navigate using the NPCs on Current Map.

2. Select Equipment Stat Transfer Option

rox equipment stat transfer guide magic furnace
Choose the second option ‘Equipment Stat Transfer’

3. Choose The Equipment To Transfer

equipment stat transfer ragnarok
Select the equipment you want to use for the stat transfer. The current equipment is in the first slot, and the current stat is in the second.

Now the stat from the old equipment will be transferred to the new equipment and voila! Hope this guide will help any Ragnarok X: Next Generation players out there who have trouble looking for the Equipment Stat Transfer NPC and also find out how to level up faster in Ragnarok X in our previous guide.

Happy upgrading!