David Tao 暗戀 ‘An Lian’ Music Video

David Tao An Lian Music Video

暗戀 is a song performed by David Tao back in 2009, is one of my all time favorite song until now. His Opus 69 album CD are quite hard to get at music store because of limited copies so I have to get it from YesAsia.com.

There are meaningful story behind the lyrics and the music video quite nice too. I will never missed out this song at karaoke session although my I’m not good at singing.

Everyday I listened to it for at least 5 times or more. Wow I love it so much!

暗戀 (an lian) means secret crush to someone without him/her knowing.

The intro song start with piano blends with David Tao’s amazing vocal. Some electric guitar tunes, and then drum beats are added to entire song. The intro and chorus are infused with lots of feelings if listened carefully.

Now lets check out, listen and watch the An Lian music video below.

You can also listen to 暗戀 on Spotify for free.

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