Ada Zhuang 好可惜 Album Review

Ada Zhuang

Just stumble upon this song titled 好可惜 by CPop singer Ada 莊心妍 (Zhang Xi Yan) from China. I was looking for new FLAC songs for my in-car audiophile collection. Wow, this song really good especially from start till the chorus and if you listen to its lyrics and the background music carefully. Other popular hit songs by Ada Zhuang include 走着走着就散了, 兩個人的回憶一個人過, 好可惜, 在見只是陌生人.

Well, don’t listen to 好可惜 if you are not in good mood or just broke up, I’m sure you will feel emotional after listening to this. ? LOL. But please don’t torture yourself listening to sad songs, best listen to some music that will make you happy when you’re down.

Ada’s 2015 好可惜 AQ CD album is quite expensive, cost about USD$39.29 on and comes with 13 songs in it. Guess it is featured in AQ (Analog Quality), so the price might be a little higher for this one.

好可惜 CD Tracklisting

1. 漂洋過海的魚
2. 愛盡天涯路
3. 不要在我的傷口撒鹽
4. 好可惜
5. 媽媽你去哪兒
6. 我知道
7. 句點
8. 愛音樂 莊心妍VS蕭全
9. 情人節
10. 如果我們都相似
11. 今天就要回家
12. 搖擺 Style
13. 樂在其中

Ada Zhuang 好可惜 Album
In 2016, Ada released 精心妍選2無可取代 CD album with 13 songs, also included with a DVD. You can grab the Taiwan Edition album on Yesasia. I kind of like this song 走著走著就散了 (Scattered While Walking Away) because it featured noticeable electric guitar strings and Ada vocals that come with lots of emotion with the way how she sang the song.

精心妍選2無可取代 CD Tracklisting

1. 走著走著就散了
2. 獨自唱情歌
3. 不要再纏著我
4. 我過得很好
5. 做最好的我
6. 再見只是陌生人
7. 有些情愛不能碰vs海哲明
8. 哎
9. 新霸王別姬vs富博洋
10. 到現在才愛你
11. 耳旁風
12. 與我無關
13. 花開等花謝(台語)


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