Mannequin (1987) Classic Movie Review

Mannequin Movie Scene

Recently I stumbled upon some AI robot videos on YouTube and ended up watching the 1987 Mannequin movie. Robot TV shows or futuristic TV series are popular nowadays especially on Netflix. I always thought of this pop culture movie lately, but unsure whether I’ve watched it before or not.

I found out about this movie when I was compiling Starship’s ‘Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now‘ for best classic love songs playlist on Spotify. Ended up watching the music video and later found out about the Mannequin song is actually in the end credits. This movie is perfect for watching on Valentine’s Day.

Mannequin Movie

Mannequin has a simple and straight forward storyline similar, it’s predictable but still entertaining on the other hand. The acting and dialogue tone in the movie is a bit funny but I guess that’s how 80s comedy sounds like.

Mannequin tells the story of an Egyptian girl named Emmy (Kim Cattrall) hides from her mother who arranges a marriage for her. Emmy prays to the gods to save her and she then vanishes in front of her mother’s eyes after the pyramid shaken. In modern days, an artist named Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy) assemble a mannequin and obsessed with it because it is the best mannequin he ever created.

mannequin 1987 review

Then the fun part of the story begins. When Jonathan is alone, the mannequin comes to life as Emmy. According to Emmy, she has existed for a long time, appearing to great artists as a muse. Then the love story begins and some funny chase around the shopping mall happened between the security guard, Emmy and Jonathan!

I can’t tell the whole story here because it going to take a long time to write. Some say it’s a terrible movie, guess you have to watch and find out yourself. It’s popcorn time! Those who want to enjoy more in Blu-ray can buy a copy of Mannequin Blu-ray as a collection.

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